Sunday, November 20, 2011

Disney Trip Day 1

Well, we made it...I thought this day would never get here. We actually did keep it a secret for 6 months. That was tough. But it was soooo worth it :) Those boys had no idea. Here's how today has gone...

Will and I woke up at 4:00 am. We had packed the car up last night and all we had to do was get dressed and get Mollie's pack and play. We got ready super quick...we both got NO sleep last adrenaline was in full force. Around 4:45 am, I woke up the boys while Will and Mollie ran to the store to get some gas for the van. I told them that we were going to church EXTRA early today :) They actually got up and didn't argue....they were getting ready for 4:45 am! It was pitch dark and so cold. When they were done, Will was back and waiting in the van. I locked up the house and brought the boys outside. They got in the van...looked around...saw all the luggage and looked totally confused. Will had the video camera ready and told the boys that he had something for them and then showed them the Disney tickets. It was magical :) They were shocked...they didn't scream or jump up and down, they were truly shocked and couldn't believe that we were leaving for Disney right that second. Little Will immediately was worried about missing school...he's so much like his daddy :) We told them that we had thought of everything and that everything was worked out. About 2 hours down the road (remember we told them around 5:00 am...) it really hit them and they were giddy, plain ol' giddy. They were literally spinning around in Hardees at breakfast today. I think Disney World just seemed like such a fantasy to couldn't be real, right? Well, it is and it was today for my 3 sweet blessings. I am so lucky.

So, here's the run-down of today, after the surprise...

We drove to Orlando in about 8 hours...not too bad...that's a record for us. Thank the Lord for Navigation on my phone.

We got to our hotel early and got our room's the best room in the hotel...I have no idea how we go this lucky, except for the fact that the hotel had messed up and essentially double booked our old room. I was so upset at first...remember, I had planned this for 6 months!! But God was watching out for us..We got a new room...this one is unbelievable and for an awesome deal. Once again, I am lucky.

We made it to the Magic Kingdom today...yay for 6 day hopper passes ;) The boys got to ride the Monorail, It's a Small World and the Mad Hatter's teacups. Plus, we saw the show at Cinderella's castle that even included fireworks and all the princesses for Mollie :) And to top off the most perfect night, we saw Mickey's Electric Parade at 9:00 tonight. We had great seats...Cole fell asleep and Mollie clapped the whole time. Little Will was practically on the front row. We all ate fried shrimp and fries...strawberry banana smoothies and the best vanilla iced coffee I've ever had.

Now, we are back at our condo...Cole's asleep, Mollie's asleep, Little Will's asleep and even Will is asleep but I just had to take a second to write...I can't let today pass and not document this perfect day. We sure had waited long enough...I hope I never forget the smiles, the tears (from me), the chills and the magic. That's what being a mama is about right? Making the most of every day with God's most perfect gifts and letting them feel the magic every once in a while :) Until tomorrow....

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